Kit Finalistas 2021

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"Fitas" are an important part of the Finalist Kit. They go inside the student's folder and are a common way of University finalists being congratulated for finishing their degree. It's a great opportunity for you to grab the people that meant the most to you throughout this journey and ask them to write a small text, so that your memories last forever!

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#Fitas SUPlus + Normal
20 20€ 22€
30 24€ 26€
40 28€ 30€
50 30€ 32€
60 32€ 34€
70 34€ 36€
80 36€ 38€
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100 40€ 42€

There are 4 colors of "fitas" available: Light Blue, White, Light Yellow and Red.

Please let us know how many of each color you would like to have (according to the total number you selected in the previous question)! In case you want to order "fitas" of another color, let us know which color you would like (as well as the quantities), for us to confirm if it is available.

In your answer, please write the Color and the Number of "fitas" you would like. Example: Light Blue - 15; White - 2 (...)

You also have the option to have a can to store your "fitas"! Select your favourite!

Note that the first 4 options (A, B, C, D) are designed to store 30/40 "fitas", whereas option E stores 50/60.

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