Our Events
during Covid-19


Spending time at home was quite tough during these times… But as we were always thinking of your well-being and happiness, we have developed instagram lives to you! From the first concept “AE Católica at Home”, which included workouts and recipes, passing through the “À Conversa com a AE” which involved some drinking games, to the Católica Awards Gala, our main focus  was always to keep YOU with us during lockdowns!

Freshmen’s Experience

CATÓLICA-Lisbon SU managed to adapt to the new COVID-19 circumstances. All freshmen had the opportunity to engage with each other in a safe way!

We gave freshmen the opportunity of participating in the Welcome Week!

Starting off with the Welcome day, freshmen were able to visit the campus and to be part of a few ice-breaking activities, Later on, they had the Community Day, where students went support a good cause by joining the Banco Alimentar project, in Alcântara. 

On the same week, freshmen had the opportunity to discover Lisbon through a fun treasure hunt! This unique interactive game gave us the opportunity to get to know the Old Town Lisbon and also our classmates from a different angle while having fun!

Lastly, all students were able to be at the freshman dinner where we were able to socialize safely with all of our classmates!

It was not always possible to engage with students in person, therefore, we managed to make some activities on social media such as the CATÓLICA AWARDS through an on-line live gala. 

Even though this was a difficult year because of the pandemic, we knew that freshmen needed to engage with each other after months of confinement, therefore we knew that students deserved to live a little of what is like to be a freshmen at CATÓLICA-LISBON