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The card is valid from the time of purchase until the end of the bachelor’s or master’s degree and no other maintenance payment is required.

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About Católica-Lisbon

No, Universidade Católica Portuguesa is a pontifical university (meaning it is statutorily ruled by an agreement between the Portuguese State and the Holy See), but we host students, faculty and staff from multiple creeds. Your religious background will not be a factor in our admissions criteria or in the course of the programs and you will only be asked to follow a code of conduct similar to any other university?

The monthly payment of fees can be made at the university in Treasury Office or through an ATM machine. For the latter the student will access the payment information login-in in his “e – Serviços ao Cidadão Académico” (ESCA) account at “O Utilizador na Instituição” – “Consultar situação de Tesouraria”.

The Undergraduate Programs have a total of 180 ECTS. The mandatory courses represent 157 ECTS and the other 23 ECTS are elective courses.

The Learn in Action Program is a soft-skill and career development program included in the compulsory study plan, exclusively designed for the undergraduate students.

It develops “hands-on” skills that are a crucial complement to academic knowledge and prepares you for the entry in a global job market and an outstanding career. A range of personal skills as well as preparation for recruitment processes will be addressed by experienced and specialized speakers.

It also includes the chance to engage in extra-curricular activities that develop key competences for a successful professional future: internships, volunteering and entrepreneurship projects.

After obtaining approval in a subject, students can make a grade increase or a grade improvement, by taking the Final Exam and enrolling within the defined deadline and communicated in a timely manner.

Grade increase: Free enrollment for the Final Exam to be held in the same semester in which the subject was approved. It may be mandatory or not to deliver the exam, your final grade can be the highest grade or the improved grade (even if it is lower) or may also be an average between the grade of continuous assessment and the final exam grade. Therefore, we recommend you talk with the respective teacher before enrollment.

Grade improvement: Enrollment in the Final Exam with associated monetary cost, which can be done up to two semesters after the student has obtained approval to the subject. In this modality, the student does not risk the grade, so the final grade will be the highest grade between the grade of continuous assessment and the grade obtained in the final exam. The student will be reimbursed by 50% of the amount he paid to enroll in the exam if the grade obtained is equal to or greater than 15 and if there is an effective increase. We always advise you to consult Student Affairs to ask for exam registration deadlines and other details that may change from semester to semester. If a student intends to improve his / her grade after two semesters have passed, it is possible to request an application from the Degree Director, Professor Rita Vale.

The Student Affairs office is your second main support is our Faculty (because the first is your Students’ Union :) ).

They will deliver you excellent customer service by providing timely, relevant, and accurate answers during your entire stay at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

Here you can find their contacts: clsbe.lisboa.ucp.pt/pt-pt/current-students/undergraduate-students/student-tools/meet-student-affairs-team.

The Career Consultants team aims to support you, in a personalized and individual way, along your career path.

In this way, they provide you with a set of services and tools that allow you to better prepare for the opportunities you may find, for your needs and, last but not least, for the challenges of the market. In parallel, they help you in the creation and development of your personal brand.

Also, this office has developed a platform where all the job opportunities are displayed and where you can build a profile that companies can access, as well as consult your personal information, namely your GPA.

More information here: clsbe.lisboa.ucp.pt/pt-pt/atuais-alunos/careers-talent-office.