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Welcome Week

Welcome Day

The first day of the best years of your life.
Put the nervousness aside and meet your new close friends with whom you will share this adventure!
A day full with the best games and activities to start this new big experience awaits you!

Community Day

Solidarity is one of the most important values of our faculty. Hence, we provide you a day full of sharing and excitement while, at the same time, helping families that need it most especially in this time of pandemic!

Freshmen’s Dinner

One unforgettable night, where you will find good food, lots of fun and an incredible atmosphere/vibe!

Grab the opportunity to have fun and get to know even better your new colleagues.

This will be your first of many big nights as a freshman at Católica Lisbon! Meet you there?

Freshmen’s Weekend

The freshman weekend is the best way to really start your journey here at Católica! During these three days you will have some awesome activities during the day and a whole lot of fun during the night – including a party that you will never forget. Are you ready to start making lifetime friendships and memories? You won’t want to miss it, see you there!

Welcome BBQ

The Católica BBQs are an icon for all our students, and because it is so iconic we get to have three during the year!

In September, you can experience the Welcome BBQ full of new people that you will surely get to know during these best 3 years of your life.

People are still in a nice summer vibe and it is so good to refresh yourself with a beer before starting to study for real.




Católica Awards Gala

Suit up! Get ready for the most glamorous party here at Católica.

If all your friends keep telling you you’re the top sporter, a party animal, one of a kind and even that you guys make such a cute couple you might be one of the nominees.

In this party you’re the star!

Football Tournament

Our SU has the pleasure to organize Football Tournaments which, for the past years, have counted with over 6 teams and 60 players. You can also count on lots of entertainment and food in between games.

At the end, prizes are awarded to the winning team and best scorer. We hope to see you on the next edition, either on the field or in the stands. You won’t want to miss this incredible day.


Católica Snowtrip

The Católica Snowtrip is, hands down, one of the best weeks that you get to experience during your three years at Católica! Pack your bags, get your group of friends together, and prepare yourself for the coldest and freshest week ever.

You can always choose if you want to ski or snowboard but choose wisely so you can always be the best down the slopes. The aprés ski option is available too for the ones who prefer to keep the party going at the bars. Bring your best snow and party outfits because you will want to always look sickening during the day, and during the night.

Our SU is going to make your nights memorable, and some of your aprés ski too, but we can’t give you any more spoilers because the surprise effect is always better. Can we count you in?



Welcome Back BBQ

In February we have the Welcome Back BBQ because every semester is a new chance to party!

You can celebrate your last semester achievements or forget the things that did not go so well.

Either way, get your group together, and let’s cheer to new beginnings!

Erasmus Life

Have you heard about Erasmus? We bet you have! But are you already 100% certain about your decision? Probably not!

With 39 countries, more than 100 Universities to choose from and many details to analyze, the decision can become difficult. However, we are here to help you!

Erasmus Life is a very interesting and dynamic session in which you can listen and talk to students that have just arrived from their #ErasmusLife!

They will share some of their best memories and clarify as many doubts as you want. You can join us in order to make the best choice possible!

Unleash Yourself

Do you know what you want to do after graduating? We may not be able to provide an answer to that question, but we can surely help you! Meet Unleash Yourself: an event where you can get in touch with two different companies and learn about their work. You will join a team of four students and sign up to solve two case studies.

At the end of the day, the representatives from both companies clarify all your doubts and announce the challenge’s winners, who even win prizes! If you are wondering which companies have participated in previous editions here are some examples: KPMG, Galp, WY Group, and Sacoor Brothers!

Are you ready to unleash your full potential?


“Participating in Unleash Yourself was one of the most enriching experiences I have ever been through while studying at Católica-Lisbon. We were given the opportunity to contact with people from two successful companies, who asked us to solve study cases. Unleash Yourself helps us to develop skills essential to our future, such as teamwork and critical thinking. Even if you don’t win, you are able to learn from other colleagues and from the company representatives. Enrolling in Unleash Yourself is always a plus for your personal and academic growth, so if you have the chance don’t miss it!”

Laura Mota, Undergraduate Student

“The Unleash Yourself is one of the most fruitful experiences Católica Lisbon SU offers to its students. Last year’s event was exceptionally well organized, and actively contributed at a certain level, to enhance my practical experience in the fields of consulting. I extremely recommend it to every student looking for a challenging day with the well-known good vibes of Católica Lisbon SU events.”

António Monteirinho , Alumni


Queima das Fitas

Before you give it all you got in the last endterm season, you get to party like never before in Queima das Fitas de Lisboa: a 4 day festival in Cascais with the top artists in Portugal.

Your SU would not miss it for the world! You can visit our shack to party with us as well as get your drinks all night long.

One Last BBQ

Finally, after one more round of midterms, you will get the chance to be a part of the “One Last BBQ”.

It is the last of the year but it will give you memories that remain forever (especially the fact that it was the best break from your studies).

Drinks up and let’s have the last BBQ fun!


For the 3rd year students, May marks the end of a journey through college life. Obviously, this decisive time in your lives would not go unnoticed.

Join all the people that were with you during this time for probably the most memorable night of your academic years and say goodbye to Católica-Lisbon and hello to a whole new life.

Don’t miss the #BestNightEver!


Welcome Summer Sunset Party

Let’s finish the year and welcome summer in the best way possible and there is no better way than an epic sunset party with cold drinks, good music and beautiful people…

The perfect combination to finish a year full of experiences, new friends and incredible stories. Come create another one with us!

All our events are specially designed for you!